Britain Stonehenge, England 2000.06.04

The Rocks of Stonehenge

As the locals say, "Go to Stonehenge so you've seen it". There are many unanswered questions about Stonehenge, and going there won't answer any of them. Stonehenge is a circular group of rocks of different composition than those found nearby. Somebody had to carry these multi-ton stones from over 100 miles away, but nobody knows why.

Each rock is about 2 meters in height. Compared to local stones, these are warm to the touch because of the different mineral composition.

Britain Avebury, England 2000.06.04

More Rocks in Avebury

About an hours drive north of Stonehenge is the town of Avebury where more mysterious rocks are placed in a circle. The circle in Avebury, however, is about a kilometer in circumference. Some find Avebury remarkable. To me it was a bunch of rocks and a pleasant afternoon stroll around the town.

Tim and Masami inspect a rock in Avebury. Yup. It's solid, heavy, and real.

A walking path along the rocks is a pleasant afternoon stroll. The many grazing sheep think so too. Watch your step for sheep droppings.

Britain Salisbury, England 2000.06.04

Salisbury Cathedral

Built between 1220 ~ 1258, Salisbury Cathedral is said to be the most beautiful medieval architecture in England. The spire was constructed 100 years afterwards.

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