Final Update: 2 January 2003

Wes and Masami terminated their travels after 2 years 5 months and 21 days. Our itinerary had another 8 months that would have taken us through Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, and much of South America. But even the freedom of travel has a natural psychological conclusion. As we traveled, we continued to ask ourselves: What's important in life? What do want to do? What did we appreciate before our travels? At what point will our dream of travel be satisfied? People differ. We met some people who thought 6 months was overkill. We met others who have been traveling for 5 years and have no intention of stopping. Masami and Wes both wanted to conclude our trip at the 24-month mark. Thank goodness we both felt like stopping at around the same time. Other couples we met weren't as fortunate.

Travel around the world with Wes and Masami Heiser.
Journal entries contain experiences, photographs, lodging guides, facts for the visitor, and maps with our travel route. We also record our preparations, schedule, and expenses.

Where are Wes and Masami now?   Settled in Fujino, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
We moved to Fujino, Japan so we posted this update on 23-November-2015.
  • Reflecting on the past 14 years since our multi-year world travel we realize that travel is more than the external experience of cities, nature, cultures, people, and food. Travel also helps us to understand and grow ourselves. We will list here only a few examples. Travel gave us self-confidence to pursue what we want instead of stagnate in fear of the unknown. Through travel we encountered good people from dozens of nationalities and cultures, and thier hospitality shaped how we also want to be good citizens of the world. Travel helps with self-acceptance and self-appreciation because no matter where you go you are always you. Travel helps to clarify life priorities.
  • After world travel, we lived in Singapore for 12.5 years and then we moved from Singapore to Fujino in March 2014. We have one daughter and one son, both of whom were born in Singapore. Our kids attend the Steiner (Waldorf) School in Fujino. We built a house surrounded by nature and we are loving it.
  • Having visited about 50 countries, we chose Fujino for the unique community. The dominant traits of Fujino residents are collaborative, inventive, creative, and inclusive. This is a fun place with interesting people and continuous community initiatives and activities. Please come experience life in Fujino at
  • Wes' and Masami's dream to embark on a multi-year travel has not subsided. Whilst we know the improbability of extended travel with young kids, Wes still wants to climb Mt. Anconcagua some day. In the mean time, we are keeping fit and healthy with the prospect of traveling freely sometime in the future.
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