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Reiki I

Initial Reiki Encounter

Masami met Jules at a business woman's networking group in Singapore called Prime Time (web: Several years ago, Jules' Australian husband, Mark, was diagnosed with brain cancer and told that he had 2 years to live. Attempted brain surgery in Australia was unsuccessful. Next, the doctors administered radiotherapy and chemotherapy. When Mark's white blood cell count fell dangerously low, the treatments had to be discontinued.

In search for alternative medical options, Mark and Jules found Reiki. Mark healed himself with Reiki and a change of diet. Now, repeated MRIs show no trace of cancer. If you met Mark today, you wouldn't believe he used to have cancer.

We were fascinated by Mark and Jules' positive attitudes and use of Reiki. Jules found us their Reiki Masters' class schedule. Although these Reiki Masters were based in Melbourne, Australia, they were scheduled to teach a class in Los Gatos, California from May 5 when we would be in nearby Sacramento. We enrolled.

Reiki Defined

Excerpts from the brochure of the Usui Reiki Center of Los Gatos; reproduced with permission.

"Reiki is Universal Life Energy. When activated, it addresses body, mind and spirit accelerating one's ability to heal one's self. This hands-on healing modality is an ancient art now being revived around the world. A Christian scholar, Dr. Mikao Usui, in Japan, rediscovered energy channeling through the hands last century after many years of researching the healing ministries of great healers including Jesus and the Buddha. Reiki, as laid down by Dr. Usui, has a simple set of procedures to follow."

"It is important to note that the Reiki energy is not a mind power. It is spiritual in nature, and therefore cannot be directed or manipulated in any way. Reiki bypasses the symptom and goes to the cause of the problem to allow healing. Reiki works on the assumption that each of us knows more about what is necessary for our healing than anybody else. It works with that innate 'knowing' part of ourselves that has created, caused or participated in the problem and therefore knows the antidote."

Learning Reiki I

Several Reiki class levels exist. We know of two basic classes, Reiki I and Reiki II, and a Reiki Master class. We took Reiki I. The class lasted the full weekend: Friday 18:30-23:30, Saturday 10:00-18:00, and Sunday 12:00-17:30.

Reiki Masters Denise and John fly in from Melbourne, Australia to teach Reiki in Los Gatos twice a year. About 30 students and 20 Reiki experienced volunteers participated in the sessions. The students received four Fine Tunings (energy transmissions) from Denise and John over the three day period.

Several of the volunteers said Reiki changed their lives. Although we can see life in a slightly new perspective after taking the Reiki class, we haven't noticed any changes.

As we travel the world, we look forward to continuing our Reiki II studies in Melbourne. Until then, we will practice Reiki I to become more aware of the slight energy changes we can sense.

Reiki Contact Information

Usui Reiki Center
PO Box 112317
Campbell, CA 95011
TEL: +1-408-369-0577

Usui Reiki Center
17 Fairholm Grove
Camberwell 3124
TEL: +61-3-9882-0733  FAX: +61-3-9882-0083

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