Switzerland Maloja 2000.08.08 - 08.10

Return to Winter

After a hot 24 hours in Lugano, we headed back north to Maloja, a 1803 M / 5915 ft pass through the Alps Mountains. Our agenda was to complete a few hikes in the Graubünden Region before friends from California and London join us on Aug 15 for a 2 day hike through Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Temperatures in Maloja in mid August were similar to Sacramento, California in the winter. The Tourist Information Office said it snows at least once every month of the year in Maloja.

We miss our dog Rocky. In Maloja, we had the opportunity to walk the hotel owner's dogs, Aika and Sissi, for the day. They weren't Rocky, but it was still a good day.

Maloja is a small quiet town. A surprising number and variety of flowers bloomed in the cool climate. The architecture is dissimilar to a Swiss chalet, and not quite Italian either.

Masami shows off her 2 new pals, Aika (grey) and Sissi (orange). We took them for a 3 hour walk to Lake Cavloc and Lake Segi and completely wore them out. When we reached the hotel, Icar rolled on her side from fatigue and wouldn't budge.

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