Spain Valencia 2000.12.27 - 12.29

Relief from Barcelona

Valencia, home of the orange and paella, was a welcome relief from the clutter, pollution, and pickpockets of Barcelona. We could see the difference as soon as we set foot in the city. The buildings are clean, people are dressed well, and nobody's clutching their purse with both hands while walking along the sidewalk as was necessary in Barcelona. We forgot to do the 2 things we should have done in Valencia: buy lots of Valencia oranges at the market and try paella in the city it originated in. Next time.

We did little more than walk around Valencia. Nothing was especially rewarding other than freedom from having to scrutinize everyone who approached. There's one excellent Internet Café worth noting. Ágora Internet at 33 Calle de la Paz on the ground floor of the GRUPO DRAC building allows upload / download of files from / to floppy disk and permits file FTP-send to a web host from the DOS prompt.

The Museum of Ceramic Art (Museo Nacional de Cerámica) has an incredibly beautiful exterior. Dozens of monuments around the city are lit at night.

Even the Valencia train station is free of graffiti and decorated with paintings and tile frescos.

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