Portugal Évora 2001.01.14 - 01.16

Chapel of Bones

From Lisbon, buses and trains run to Évora. Like many routes in Portugal, the bus runs more frequently and reaches its destination faster. We chose the bus.

Évora, the capital of Alentejo province, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The continuous stream of tourists means high prices. When ordering the high priced salad, fish, etc., be sure to request reduced (or no) salt. At one overpriced restaurant, we almost gagged on our heavily salted green salad!

Évora has one morbid site every tourist needs to see to believe: Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) in Igreja de São Francisco. The chapel structure is built with human bones. Skulls form ceiling arches. Stacked femurs form the 2 foot thick walls. After overcoming the chilling reality, one question entered our minds: Why?

Other than Capela dos Ossos, Évora has little to see. Spare time can be spent on the excruciatingly slow, but free, Internet computer at the town hall.

The Temple of Diana dating from the Roman-era near the center of Évora.

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