Jordan Lodging Guide Ratings

 JD = Jordanian Dinar; US$ 1 = JD 0.709 Ratings  
= Excellent
 "with WC" = toilet and shower/tub in room.
= Very Good
 "WC" not stated = shower, toilet shared by guests.
= Good
 Prices include hotel taxes.
= Fair
 English spoken unless otherwise stated.
= Poor
  = Terrible
Basman Hotel Tel: 02-462-4246
Int'l: +962-2-462-4246
Location: Downtown across from the mosque.
JD 5 per triple room.
Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
Comments: Room with 3 single beds, wardrobe, chair, heater, and fan. Common WC has one sit-down toilet, 2 squat toilets, coldwater shower, and sink. Neither Bath towels nor toilet paper are provided. Hotel manager will heat one tub of water to mix with the cold water shower. Showers, with or without the top tub of water, are an extra JD 0.5 per person.
Venecia Hotel Tel: 02-463-8895
Int'l: +962-2-463-8895
Location: Downtown across from the mosque.
JD 3 per person.
Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
Comments: Room with single beds, wardrobe, and chair. Filthy common WC with hot shower, sit-down toilet missing the seat, and sink. Neither bath towels nor toilet paper are provided. Guests are free to use the kitchen, but it's even more disgusting than the filthy toilet. We viewed this place because other travelers recommended it over the neighboring Cliff Hotel, but we declined the stay.

Wadi Musa (Petra)
Saba'a Inn Tel: 03-215-6046
Int'l: +962-3-215-6046
Location: 20 steps north of the roundabout in the center of town.
JD 5 per person in a private room with WC including breakfast.
Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
Comments: Room single beds, wardrobe, nightstand, TV with 2 Arabic channels, telephone, fan, radiator, and WC with shower, sit-down toilet, and sink. Towels and toilet paper are provided. Breakfast is tea, bread, and jam. In-room bathroom design is atrocious. Hot water tap is connected to the toilet tank, and because many of the toilets in the hotel run, the hot water supply for showers runs out - we reported this fact to the hotel manager and were told that this odd prioritization of hot water and energy use is intentional to "clean the toilet better". Furthermore, because of the lack of a floor drain near the toilet, the constant toilet leakage perpetuates floor flooding. At reception, the hotel manager insistently sells his overpriced tours to guests, even when the guests bluntly refuse to purchase. He will even lie about public bus departure times to make his guests miss the bus and be forced to take tour transport. You have been warned.

Wadi Rum
Government Rest House
Location: where the public bus stops just north of the town.
JD 3 per person in a tent.
Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
Comments: Tent with double or single mattress, sheet, and blanket. Bath towels are not provided. The shared sit-down type toilet has toilet paper. Showers have hot water. The Government Rest House is the only accommodation in Wadi Rum. Food and water in Wadi Rum, whether bought at the grocery or at a restaurant is about 50%-70% more expensive than elsewhere in Jordan. Many people bring their own. Travelers with camping supplies can camp in the desert for free.

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