Japan Izu Peninsula 2001.09.22 - 09.24

Weekend with Friends

The Izu Peninsula is about 2 hours by train from Tokyo. The main city, Atami, looks a lot like Nice, France. Further inland are hills with waterfalls, hiking trails, and natural mineral hot springs. Our friends organized a weekend with us in Izu.

Posing by one of the Nanadaru waterfalls are (left to right) Ki-ko, Yuki, Wakana-chan hiding behind mom Keiko, Nami, Yuji, Mako (featured in our Provence, France pages), Masami, and Wes.

A typical traditional-style room has a tatami floor, sliding doors, low tea table, zabuton (sitting cushions) futon (fold-up bed mattress), and yukata (Japanese robes) for guest use.

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