Czech Republic

Personal Impressions

The "Personal Impressions" section is a collection of thoughts and personal experiences.

Czech Pride

A strong Czech identity endured foreign domination from 1278 when the Hapsburg took control to 1989 when the Soviet controlled Communist Party resigned. Czech people have the will-power to persevere through economic hardships and the political suppression of freedom. They are strong, proud, and very likable.

Best Value in Europe

The Czech Republic is by far the best value for money in Europe (per our experience so far). Transportation is Western Europe standards at Eastern Europe prices. Restaurants serve large, delicious meals for US$2.00 - 2.50 including drinks. Accommodation in Prague is cleaner and cheaper than in Budapest. For a cheap, delightful vacation in Europe, go to the Czech Republic. You won't be disappointed. 

Hoodlum Assault

The IMF was meeting in Prague during our stay. About 10,000 protesters gathered to chant their dissatisfaction with international debt, capitalism, the disproportionate distribution of wealth (especially that Americans seem to be too wealthy), dying babies, and a multitude of other assorted general grievances. For the most part, the protesters wished to optimize the visibility of their cause through peaceful demonstration at international meetings such as the IMF and G7 conferences. But where there are protests, hoodlums are attracted. Our direct exposure to hoodlum violence in Prague on Tuesday, September 26 was the same as yours - we saw it on the news from the comfort of our apartment. The only direct impact the riot had on us was the inconvenience of temporary closure of subway stations, museums, and public buildings. Physically we were unaffected. But emotionally, as we thought of the beautiful city of Prague, its rich history and its friendly and proud people, we were sickened by outburst of rock throwing and property destruction. Lock up these hoodlums and throw away the keys.

Birds Like Wes

This topic has absolutely nothing to do with the Czech Republic other than timing. Birds across the world see Wes below and take aim. The first instance was on a fishing boat in Long Island Sound, New York in 1985. A seagull overhead dropped a white splatter on Wes' windbreaker - nobody else got hit. Then in Tokyo in 1992, a pigeon sitting on a power line timed Wes' approach as he hurried along the sidewalk to work. Later, while sitting at a coffee shop in Singapore in 1999, 2 pigeons made a direct hit. And now - while buying train tickets to Prague, a pigeon in the Vienna train station hit Wes yet again. Masami tells Wes it's a sign of luck. Do you get targeted by birds too? If so, send Wes an e-mail to assure him that he's not the only one. Email:

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