Britain Wells, England 2000.06.06

The Bishop's Palace and Wells Cathedral

Bishop's Palace houses the Bishop of Bath and Wells. Sitting on a 14 acre plot with gardens, ruins, and private living quarters, the palace is breathtaking. Adjacent sits the architecturally spectacular (and my favorite) Wells Cathedral. Visit the cathedral to see unique "scissor arches" that support the center roof and the worlds second oldest clock that entertains every quarter hour.

Between 2 arches stands the statue of a monk in the Bishop's Palace.
The side of the Wells Cathedral is visible from the Bishop's Palace garden.
The impressive front of Wells Cathedral. A truck parked to the left shows the enormity of the structure.
The second oldest clock in the world continues to keep time within Wells Cathedral. The largest dial tells the hour 1-24, the middle dial tells the minute 1-60, the smallest dial tells the day 1-30, and the center shows the shape of the moon. Because there is no day 31, the clock must be adjusted every other month. Every 15 minutes, knights on horses rotate above the clock face.

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