Britain Cambridge, England 2000.06.19

Cambridge and King's College

Our Lonely Planet guide claimed that Cambridge building architecture is prettier than Oxford architecture. Cambridge was along the way to London where our rental car was due, so we stopped by.

Cambridge has the atmosphere we'd want in a school town. The center square has a farmers market and reminded us of UCDavis where Masami when to school. The colleges have green grassy areas where students can picnic, read, and socialize. Rivalry between the colleges was evident in some of the sidewalk graffiti, and the students seemed down to earth.

All but two of the colleges were closed to the public for class finals on the day we visited. King's College was open. We walked through the college grounds and chapel, but we weren't able to learn much.

Masami at a fruit stand in the center square of Cambridge. The display of fruit and vegetables reminded us of the farmers market in Davis, California.

King's College entrance. The greenery by the entrance is manicured for display, but the open areas behind the buildings can be used by students freely.

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